Flawless Spray Tans by Brittany

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Welcome to....My Sun Kissed Glow! Have A Flawless Sun Kissed Glow Everyday! All Skin Tones. Hide Blemishes. Feel and Look Finer than Ever Before with Our Personalized Exotic Spray Tanning Blends! No More Waiting 8 hours to Wash Off! We offer a 1-4 hour Wash Off and Glow! Please Follow 24 hr Body-Prep Below

Head to Toe Glow

Our Head to Toe Spray Tan is Just That! Enjoy an exotic personalized rapid mist and wash off in 1-4hrs.


TWOsday Glow

Enjoy a tropical mist for two.

Bring a Friend to your session to enjoy our rapid mist and wash off in 1-4hrs.


Face Glow

Tropical mist for a magnificent face glow. Wash off in 1-4hrs.


Lower Body Glow

Dare to Bare!

Includes Top of Bikini Line down to Your TippyToes Only...

wash off in 1-4hrs.


Upper Body Glow

Receive a sun kissed glow thats just perfect for your face right down to the upper part of your bikini line.


Cocktail Clique Glow

Book a fun-filled time with a clique of 4 + you or more and receive your sun kissed glow basically FREE! Perfect for Bachelorette Party's and more,


Call in for further details.

24hr Pre-Body Prep Instructions
  • shower / body exfoliation 24hrs prior to service
  • refrain from any body oils, perfumes, body sprays, lotions, scrubs that contain oils, creams, and deodorant 24hrs prior -leaves a barrier on skin & may cause discoloration
  • do not use any bar soaps before or after tan -leaves skin blotchy
  • do not use DOVE soap products before or after tan -leaves skin blotchy
  • shave or wax areas 24hrs prior to avoid streaking

  • get your mani, pedi's, massages, facials or water activities serviced prior to your spray tan session, especially brides to be
  • do not wear makeup to your session
  • do not shower right before your session -leads to less absorption of product
  • wear loose fitting clothes & flip flops for after appointment
  • you may go bare for session but if choosing to wear bathing suit/bikini choose dark colors as product may stain clothes
  • male clients, undergarments are required no exception
  • females, we do provide bikini bottom throwaways