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Our Story

We are the 1st and longest running lash salon in Florida. Our goal is to create professionals in our field and to not just simply hand out certificates for attendance or for social media clout. We offer a 3 hour LULA workshop and a 3 day beginners workshop. You will learn skills geared just for you and the newest trend of Lash Styling, WET Classic Eyelash Extensions and Easy Volume Eyelash Extensions. 

Our Wet Classic & Volume Lash Extension combination workshop "3 Days to Success" training class is presented by Hector, The ilashKING himself and will be attended and completed in our Jupiter, Florida lash studio. Both of our skilled lash artists, Hector and Aimee will be present and are excited to share their extensive knowledge in a group setting. 

This combination course can help you either to get started or to step up your lash game. No one loves a poorly trained service provider. We understand that there are many others to choose from but we will let you in on a little secret... many have chosen "the others" based on very low price points only to be disappointed by their chosen investment for varying reasons and eventually have chosen us, LASHed.OUT's LULA, Leveling Up Lash Artists to retrain them to confidently start their lash business journey. 

We will provide you Lashucation that you will not regret. Cheap training & gimmicks will actually cost you more, not only with your finances but with your time, and most importantly with your confidence and reputation in the beauty industry.

Upon completion, our participants are equipped with enough expertise to confidently begin their new lash journey, and start earning an above-average income with practice and confidence. We have trained many of the Lash Artists you see right here in Florida. Several of them began as our guest, all while being inspired by our success, and therefore taking our lash training workshop and succeeding themselves as lash salon business owners today.

We have two artists skilled in their craftsmanship of eyelash extensions. Aimee and Hector aka ilashKING. In May of 2012, Aimee opened the first eyelash extension salon in SoFlo... LASHed.OUT, located in Royal Palm Beach, FL. It was unprecedented at the time as most salons were a one-stop-shop. Aimee was originally trained with Novalash in 2010 although, she has been busy in the beauty industry since 2003 specializing in nail artistry, full body speed waxing, and skin treatments until 2008 came along where she took interest into the world of Eyelash Extensions. Since then it has been non-stop action. Aimee personally trained her son, Hector, the original ilashKING in 2010 as well as many others coming from near and far to include California, Iowa, The Bahamas, Grand Cayman Island, New York City, Georgia, Tennessee, and of course all of Florida. 

We helped to start a culture in lash extension training as there were only about 4 lash brands that provided training nationwide at the time. We were fortunate to add to the phenomena and started our own lashes only salon and lash extension training classes that helped to inspire a heap of others in the beauty industry to do the same. We are the longest running "lash salon" in Florida and we're extremely proud of that accomplishment, servicing over 5k guests from our break-through opening day in May of 2012. You'll hardly ever catch us bragging but hey, why not? Our guests have ranged from our beautiful everyday women from all over Florida, Pensacola to Homestead to top NYC & Miami models, MLB wives, NFL wives, Miami HEAT cheerleaders, top Miss Beauty contestants and a winner here and there, the list goes on. We humbly keep their names and identity private. Many guests and class participants have trusted our expertise in lash techniques, application, and knowledge in the beauty industry. 

We proudly are the starting hashtag founders of #ilashking #ilashqueen #lashlife and #ilashedout


This 3 Hour Class is geared towards those that already have their license and have at least 6 months experience of applying eyelash extensions. This is not a class to take lightly. There are many lash artists that are not having the success that they were promised in their original beginner's lash training class . Many have been poorly trained by the several lash franchises in the area. This class gives you one-on-one attention and focuses on troubleshooting the areas that are holding you back from real success.

You may book the LEVEL UP class on any day during our regular business hours between the days of TUE-SAT. Choose the lash mentor of your choice. You will need a model and your own implements. This creates easier access to gain the knowledge and techniques you need to fully succeed.

Allow us to help you build confidence with your lash extension skills. What do you need honest help with? Let's find out together!

This class includes 1 Free month into our LULA, Leveling Up Lash Artist's mentoring group. This group is private, access is by invitation only and has a recurring monthly fee. Access is removed after 30 days unless a paid continuing monthly fee is wanted.


What you will learn
  • WET Classic and Volume Lashes
  • specific eyelash extension application, theory, and techniques
  • latest eyelash styling and mapping
  • eyelash fill and removal techniques
  • eyelash aftercare and troubleshooting
  • health and safety tips
  • complete client experience
  • self promotion, marketing advice, and a list of product gems in the industry
  • live model practice and one-on-one time with either Aimee or Hector
  • GEMS of information and SO MUCH MORE!
  • includes 1 Free month into our LULA, Leveling Up Lash Artist's mentoring group. This group is private, access is by invitation only and has a recurring monthly fee. Access is removed after 30 days unless a paid continuing monthly fee is wanted. 


First, be sure that you actually want to attend either of these awesome classes! Your deposit is non-refundable. However, your deposit may be credited towards a future class if for some unfortunate circumstance arises.

All participants attending either workshop understands that it is not to be duplicated in any way, shared, or taught in any form. Including but not limited to verbal, demonstration, photography, video, or audio recording, nor shared on any social media platform.

Upon attending any workshop given, you realize that you have the sole responsibility to know and be aware of your own state laws regarding the practice and application of eyelash extensions. LASHed.OUT, Face it Flawless Beauty Bar, ilashKING llc, or its employees/sub-contractors cannot be held responsible for failure of your own ignorance to abide by your own state laws. Most state require that you have a valid cosmetology license, esthetician or nursing license to practice and charge for eyelash extension services.

The attendee may be required by state law to obtain licensure before performing the service for compensation. Every state is different. Please check your own state laws.

Should you have any questions regarding your training after class, you acknowledge to reach out to the instructor/mentor of your workshop before leaping to social media to resolve any and all issues. We take our reputation very seriously and we only want the best for our participants.

By clicking below, you agree to the terms and conditions of our workshops and agree to electronically signing our terms and conditions in order to attend any workshop and agree; 1. not to share any of the information given in the context of learning the techniques taught by ilashKING, LASHed.OUT, LULA, or Face It Flawless Beauty Bar. 2. not to teach another person anything taught to you in any workshop. 3. that you are aware of your own state laws regarding practicing eyelash extensions for compensation. 4. you are not promised any monies or salary during or after any workshop. 5. success lies solely on your own responsibility. 6. taking the "3 days to success workshop" without completing the requirements for licensure in your won state may be insufficient to certify or qualify the participant to perform a service for compensation that requires licensure.


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4500 Belvedere Road

Suite H

West Palm Beach, FL 33415

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